Commissioned by Labbrand, these series bear a lighter tone than Schweitzer's overall work as they stage, in a humorous way, the process of creation of a fresher look on things, which, when it comes down to business, is arguably embodied by no-one better than by Vladimir Djurovic, founder of the Shanghai-based company. Scenes of life from urban Asia, ranging from destruction to reconstruction, from warm intimacy to crowded public places, are witnessed by an array of strikingly human-looking, man-made objects : inquisitor binoculars from rooftops all over the world, confident team-working football players, or a group of curious little spray can tips… With his photographs of optical devices that, once taken off our eyes, are staring at us with eyes of their own, Schweitzer draws a parallel between, on one side, the search for new ideas and approaches to grasp an ever-changing culture under its many sides, and on the other side, the way of the artist, as it is as much a work of questioning and self-reflection as one of openness and far-reaching imagination.

Etienne Gronarini

      • Shanghai romantism
                  • Gare du Nord, Paris, 5am
                            • Tokyo temple