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Motion vs static

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CNY 2010 gallery

Omotesando, Tokyo, Avril 2012.
Les vélos qui donnent envie de faire du vélo...

CNY 2010 gallery

movimento: people in motion, around the clock, around the world.

CNY 2010 gallery

portraits @ Shanghai Biennale. Let's write with light.

3 megalo-cities. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo. Travel in 3 worlds, 3 times.
3x3 photos of each.

9: Download book (pdf) here (7,7 Mo)
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People of Asia.

© Jean-Philippe Schweitzer.

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People of northern and southern China: Shanxi, Guangxi, Yunnan. Locals & tourists

China has undergone in the past 15 years a "never seen before" transformation, an economic revolution 60years after Mao’s cultural revolution. The pace is not slowing down. From world manufacture, it has become much more. 2009 biggest car market, 2010 world second economy, etc. Chinese people get rich and richer, Chinese people consume more and more... at least for some of them: the great miracle of economical boom, and its counterpart. [...]
The new economic generation is also a new tourist generation. They travel, all over the world, and all over China. That’s when the gap closes, for a moment. The new generation travels eagerly to discover the beautiful and enigmatic provinces of inner China, and ends up at the same place as the left over. Suddently, the 2 world rejoins...



People of China: tourist vs local

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The purpose of this work is to capture this moment, to put in perspective local people of inner China and the new Chinese tourists in China when they are re- united on the same heritage place, suddenly discovering how wide the separation is, and still how much in common they have kept.

Night Consumers, Shanghai

Night Consumers:

Set-up, drink, music, dancing... all around and for the night consumer and his habits, specificallky interaction with mobile devices and other handheld products


Night Consumers

This serie was orignially suggested by Vladimir Djurovic, CEO of Labbrand, as study of the multiple and various although quite repetitive and predictable interaction between night consumers and mobile or handheld devices



Celebration of Chinese New Year. Tiger year.
Shanghai, Feb. 14th 2010.

Tiger CNY: Download book (pdf) here (2,2 Mo)
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CNY 2010 gallery




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